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--- title: "Ian Dunn Archive Index: LGBT Archive Scotland" ---

This is a personal index to National Archives of Scotland Files GD467, Records of Outright Scotland often known as the "Ian Dunn Archive". From the index there are links to details of some of the contents.
This is prepared by Ian Strang for personal research purposes and should not be quoted.

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The organisation known as Outright Scotland (OS) was founded in May 1969 as the Scottish Minorities Group, and between 1978 and 1992 was known as the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group. OS exists to uphold the rights of Scottish lesbian, gay and bisexual persons, and its archives include records of its work in the areas of law reform, welfare and social activities. Included are the records of the Scottish Homosexual Action Group (SHAG) (GD467/8/1-11). SHAG was an in dependant organisation, separate from the SHRG. Its records date from 1987 to 1989 and concern opposition to section 28 of the Local Government Bill 1988 and the organisation of the Lark in the Park, Edinburgh, 1989.

The records were sorted by a member of the organisation, who I believe to be Cecil Sinclair who died in 2004, and deposited as a private collection in the care of the Scottish Records Office in July 1996.  Obituary to Cecil Sinclair: Scotsman Newspaper. 29 October 2004.(not accessable 6/2021) A page on Cecil's unique contribution to the LGBT community is in preparation: my links so far If you have further information please email .

Caption: Ian Dun Archive
Reference Year Contents To do
GDGD467/P/1   First page of catalogue book "Records of Outright Scotland" Test  
GD467/1/1   More detailed index to GD467/1/1  
GD467/1/1/1 1967-1969 SMG: personal papers of Ian Dunn about its foundation  
GD467/1/1/2 1970 SMG: personal papers of Ian Dun  
GD467/1/1/3 1969-70 SMG: early meetings & discussion papers; Test 
GD467/1/1/4 1970-92 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: National constitutions   
GD467/1/1/6 1975-85 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: Annual Reports: drafts and correspondence 1975-1985  
GD467/1/1/7 1970-94 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group/Outright Scotland: Annual General Meetings: minutes and agenda 1970-1994  
GD467/1/1/8 1971-89 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: Annual General Meetings: correspondence etc. 1971-1989    
GD467/1/1/5 1969-1989 Annual Reports Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group looked through 22/10/2007 
GD467/1/1/14   Rural Letters from National Executive Committee members:
c14 documents mainly mailings to rural members & some letters dealing with whether rural members are isolated of not stimulated by articles in SMG news.
looked through 22/10/2007
GD467/1/1/4 to 19   /4 1970-92 SMG/SHRG: National constitutions; /13 Alastair Davidon corr. /14 Rural letters  
GD467/1/1/20   1993 Outright Scotland Exec.Comm minutes. 3 sets only for 10 Jan 1993, 2 May 1993, 7 June 1993. Viewed 5/12/2005. Where are all the other minutes ?
GD467/1/1/21 to 33   22 1977-8 SMG change of name /24 1971-9 SMG/SHRG: Charitable Status incl. Minorities (Scotland) Ltd.  
GD467/1/2/1 1978-80 SHRG: Strasbourg - Application to Commission of Human Rights  
GD467/1/2/2 1976-91 SMG/SHRG: job discrimination  
GD467/1/2/3 1979-80 SMG/SHRG: Saunders case (of unfair dismissal)  
GD467/1/2/5 1983-1993 SMG/SHRG /Outright Scotland:important legal casesCarry on looking at this next time.  
GD467/1/2/10, 11 1973-77 /10 SMG: Membership Committee: minutes; /11 SMG: Membership Committee: file compiled by Jim Innes CLOSED; /12 1970-85 SMG: Membership papers; /13 1969-89 SMG: Membership papers CLOSED; Are there nos of members/year in this?
GD467/1/2/14 1973-80 photographs (mainly of Broughton St)  
GD467/1/2/17 1983-92 AIDS  
GD467/1/3/2 1974-82 SMGAberdeen    Seen  
GD467/1/3/24 1977-80 Fife  
GD467/1/3/25 1975-77 Fort William/Inverness CLOSED  
GD467/1/3/26 1972-85 SMG/SHRG:Glasgow branch & Gay Advisory Service - general papers  
GD467/1/3/27 1971-83 SMG/SHRG:Glasgow branch: minutes  
GD467/1/3/28 1975-77 SMG/SHRG:Glasgow branch: "GGASLITE" and "SMG Glasgow News"  
GD467/1/3/29 1979-85 SMG/SHRG: Glasgow branch:Glasgow club  
GD467/1/3/30 1973-80 Inverness  
GD467/1/3/31 1975-86 SMG/SHRG: Paisley  
GD467/1/4/3 1979-86 "Scottish Homosexual Rights Group in the 80s" survey; /4 1992 Survey on reform of SHRG What is this?
GD467/1/4/6 1975-92  Other Scottish Gay Organisations  
GD467/1/4/9 1973-91 Scottish University & College Gay societies  
GD467/2/1/5 1984-93 "Shout" : copies of newsletter  
GD467/2/1/7 1971-96 SMG/SHRG/Outright Scotland: publications: examples
The entire contents of this file are listed here. It contains fine examples of early SMG leaflets.
GD467/2/3/1 1981-84 SMG/SHRG Monitoring and Archive: Attempts to produce a catalogue forGay News and other gay periodical. Also attempt to survey the national media for LGBT issues.  
GD467/2/3/17 1975-81 Gay professional groups: contacts with Gay Research Group of British Sociological Association, Gay Workers in Print, Gay Medics & Dentists Group, Civil & Public Services Gay Group, Gay Activists Alliance, NALGAY. Mainly about 1980.  
GD467/2/4/7,8,9 1969-93 Press cuttings: sexuality, gays, SMG/SHRG  
GD467/2/4/17 1970-85 seen Transvestite and Transsexual organisations contains:
Beaumont Bulletin Mar/Apr1970- Official Newssheet of the Soc. of UK Transvestites.
The Tartan Skirt Letter of the Scottish TV/TS Group Aug 1985.
GD467/3/1/1-19   Relates to Glasgow branch catalogue typed in  
GS467/3/2/1-33   Catalogue typed in  
GD467/3/3/1 -   International gay things  
GD467/3/4/1 -   International  
GD467/4/1-40   Edinburgh branch
GS467/4/36 1976-77 SMG: Edinburgh branch: Ian Dunn correspondence file (incl. letter from Quentin Crisp)  
GD467/5/1-11 1974 May-Oct International Gay Rights Congress, Edinburgh on 18-22 Dec. 1974: correspondence & other papers of Ian Dunn, Secy.  
GD467/6/1 1971-1982 SMG/SHRG: Newsletters, "SMG News"/"Gay Scotland". Many scanned from archives other than NAS.  
GD467/6/2 1971-82 SMG/SHRG: Newsletters, "SMG News"/"Gay Scotland" spare copies  
GD467/6/3 1973-76 Michael Hanson [President of Edinburgh University Gaysoc in 1974]: papers  
GD467/7/2 1980-82 SHRG: Glasgow branch: account book - ledger book  
GD467/8/5 1988-89 SHRG: publicity leaflets (incl. originals) and cuttings  
GD467/8/7 1987-89 SHRG: campaign against Clause 28, Local Govt. Act 1988.  
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Acknowledgement to Outright Scotland:
I am grateful to Outright Scotland who have made the following statement to me in writing:
"As a bona fide researcher you are hereby authorised to make full and any use of the SMG/SHRG/Outright Scotland including copying that material and publishing it, provided always that you acknowledge the source."

Please note that many of the scanned documents come from private archives not the NAS.

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