Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: Annual Reports 1969-1989
Records of Outright Scotland "Ian Dunn Archive"    1969 in National Archives of Scotland

Index of Items in this file
About 2 cm think of loose pages

Report of Meeting 3 Oct 1969 & of Developments since 22 Aug 1969
General Info about SMG undated
" First Meeting of Individuals to Discuss the Position of the HS in Scotland. memorandum & Action Points- with letter to Donald from Ian Dunn.

Chairman's Report 1969-1970 including
Social Function of SMG

Educational Function of SMG

"Help given to homosexuals in trouble"
Request from Albany Trust & others to help. Use of police agent provocateur - decided to defend charge - lack of legal aid in Police Courts.
Need for skilled counseling.

Legal & Social equity - table of no of prosecutions in Scotland for Sodomy & Indecency with Males 1968 & 69.:

The First Two Years - SMG has been in existence for 2 years - report pub 1971
Annual Report & Accounts 1971: 2nd Annual Report

Annual Report & Accounts 1972: 3nd Annual Report includes:

Report from the Areas

Aberdeen: 1st meet early Nov 1971 meeting in members home, these ceased in Mar 1972 (owner of house felt unable to continue for personal reasons.) 2 articles in AU Student's newspaper produced no correspondence, but editor has agreed to take SMG adverts. c12 members.

Dundee: meets in Dundee University Chaplaincy Centre - ideal for social events or discussions. Focal point Friday nights with up to 50 members. SMG branch to be included in next edition of Dundee Association of Social Services . Attempt being made to encourage formation of local Women's group.

Edinburgh: 1.5 pages of interest

Glasgow: As so often, the larger the city the less provision there is ..." Local group found it impossible to get suitable premises in which to meet - members flat used for meetings . Proprietor of local gay pub takes issues with image of club. Film night & discussion. First local newspaper advert appeared in Paisley Gazette in May 1972.

Inverness: smallest of all SMG groups

Annual Report & Account for 1973

SMG St Andrews - began in 1973 moved to Anglican Chaplaincy

SMG/CHE Carlisle formed July 1972?

SMG Dundee

SMK Women - groups in Edinburgh & Glasgow

SMG Glasgow

SMG Edinburgh


Complete set of reports to 1984 none after that