GD467/1/1/3:GD467/1/1/3 Scottish Minorities Group: Early Meetings and Discussion Papers
Records of Outright Scotland "Ian Dunn Archive"    1969 in National Archives of Scotland

Index of Items in this file
About 1.5 cm think of loose pages
Copies of letters re first meetings to discuss the position of the homosexual in Scotland: most of these have bee transcribed or commented on elsewhere.
Minutes of 16 July 1969 meeting held at 4 Moray Place, Glasgow and its continuation in Edinburgh on 22 August, 1969 at The Mound Centre, Edinburgh.

Scatter Map of SMG membership dated 1/8/69. It shows 14 members plus 2 now in England and 7 liaisons plus 4 outside Scotland. See the 1970 altered version of this: follow link on the page to map.

Handwritten note of extract from letter from Allan Horsfall, Secretary of Esquire Clubs Limited to Jim Halcrowe. Undated.

18 June 1968: He says that the Scottish law will have to be changed before it is possible to set up clubs there & suggests early move to set up a Scottish Law Reform Committee.

19 Aug 1968: AH refers to JH having expressed willingness to help set up a Scottish Committee. AH is in touch with some other people including a solicitor in Glasgow. Also the chairman of this Committee and of Esquire Clubs Ltd, "who is also a Scot", will be taking up a new lecturing post in Glasgow in the early autumn and would be an asset to a Scottish Committee. [He is referring to Colin Harvey.] AH offers to exchange addresses.

Attached to above is a list of members who joined at the 9 May [1969] meeting: there are 13 listed, four only by first name.

Discussion document 28 June, 1970 on All-Purpose Centres under topics 1. Casework & counseling, 2. Educational, Recreational & cultural, & 4. Social: this include discussion of "the emotive subject of clubs & notes "We must put on record our appreciation of the good offices of Allan Horsefall, Secretary of Esquire Clubs, without which SMG would not have been founded..
Dear Group member letter dated 3 August, 1970
Information to all Group members 3 September, 1970
Newsletter 18 September, 1970
Report on Secretary's London visit & Current SMG Developments dated 7 April 1970
Report of Meeting held on 21 November, 1970 held at 163 Mugdock Road, Milngavie, Glasgow (not at the Tom Allan Centre as previously announced).
Information about the Scottish Minorities Group. ... a series of meeting to discuss "the position of the homosexual in Scotland", led to the formation of SMG in May 1969. Lists aims & what the group has done so far. Undated [probably early 1970].
First report of a meeting called in the name of the Scottish Minorities Group dated 23/8/1969