Records of Outright Scotland  first page of catalogue book GD467

The organisation known as Outright Scotland (OS) was founded in May 1969 as the Scottish Minorities Group, and between 1978 and 1992 was known as the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group. OS exists to uphold the rights of Scottish lesbian, gay and bisexual persons, and its archives include records of its work in the areas of law reform, welfare and social activities. Included are the records of the Scottish Homosexual Action Group (SHAG) (GD467/8/1-11). SHAG was an in dependant organisation, separate from the SHRG. Its records date from 1987 to 1989 and concern opposition to section 28 of the Local Government Bill 1988 and the organisation of the Lark in the Park, Edinburgh, 1989.

The records were sorted by a member of the organisation, and when deposited in SRO in July 1996 were stored mainly in filing cabinets. Within each cabinet the files were numbered by the cabinet, drawer and individual file. This arrangement has been preserved here in order to speed access to the records for researchers. It is possible that eventually a new arrangement will be made, during which duplicate material (e.g. committee minutes) will be weeded, and the numbering presently adopted will be changed.

Certain records are closed on the ground of confidentiality for 50 years from the date of the latest paper on the files. Exceptionally, such files may be accessed by researchers who have the written consent of the Convener or Secretary of Outright Scotland (58a Broughton St., EH1 3SA), and who have guaranteed not to identify any individual who appeared in those files without the consent of that individual. Such files are marked 'Closed' in the catalogue.

December 1996 (File GD467/P/1)" [a transcription of the page in the file by IWS 24/8/2003]