National Archives GD467/1/1 Early SMG  (Tempory index  till I work out what is in this.)

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GD467/1/1/1 Ian Dunn's Early Papers About Founding SMG Sexual Offences Act 1967
1968 Esquire Clubs
Mattachine Society of Washington
Alan Horsfall
"tho position of the homosexual in Scotland"
Albany Trust
IDSexualOffencesAct1967 ID Sexual Offences Act 1967 in GD467/1/1/1 Correspondence on the this: Ian Dunn, Scottish Law Society, Church of Scotland Social & Moral Welfare Committee
GD467/1/1/2 1970 SMG: personal papers of Ian Dunn

Notes for EU/SVSS Talk 12 Jan 1970 Ian C Dunn
The Bachelor Clan

GD467/1/1/3 SMG: Early Meetings and Discussion Papers

Scatter Map of SMG membership dated 1/8/69.
Papers c1970

GD467/1/1/4 National Constitutions A BRIEF HISTORY OF SMG by Ian Dunn Edinburgh: 23 June 1975
Aims of SMG 1976
SHRG Constitution 1979
New SHRG Constitution 1992
GD467/1/1/5 Annual Reports 1969 to 1989

Report of Meeting 3 Oct 1969 &
of Developments since 22 Aug 1969

GD467/1/1/6 Annual Reports,  Drafts & Correspondence 1975-1985 SMG Membership as at September 1975
SHRG 1980 ANNUAL REPORT + audited accounts