GD467/1/1/6 1975-85 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: Annual Reports: drafts and correspondence 1975-1985  

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About 2 cm think of loose pages. Hand written and altered drafts of Annual Reports:

A few items of interest are transcribed or summarised here.

GLASGOW GAY ADVISORY SERVICE for Annual Report [summary by Ian]

The GGAS was inaugurated in July 1975 from SMG Glasgow's premises in Renfield Street. A more central location could not have been found since the office is within a stone's throw of the Central Station. - advantages in staffing - staff can arrange to meet enquirers centrally - all credit for securing these premises to Jim Cameron of Glasgow Branch Committee who had been pressing for this since his earliest encounter with the Group.

From the start,telephone staffed for min. of 2 hours daily (7-9pm) daily, except Tuesdays, the night of local meeting. Enquirers should be encouraged to attend meetings where their advisors could be on hand to welcome them. Staffing: David Dawson - pool of c20 volunteers who give occasional evening. Special mention Kath H: only regular [sic] women advisor - called upon more often than should be. Small core of regular men carry out major part of staffing - especially unpopular weekends hours.

Training supervised by John Breslin - monthly discussions sessions - experience shared - agreed approaches formulated.
GGASLITE - monthly newsletter introduced October 1975 - communication medium for both GGAS & SMG Glasgow.

Allan Wishart & John Crawford in charge of publicity. The SCOTTISH DAILY NEWSS gave excellent coverage of opening of the Service - principal method of awareness of GGAS number. Number used for regular hoax calls: of 320 calls in a weekend most are hoaxes. First encounter of hoaxer with openly gay person - courteous & brief explanation gives caller food for thought.
Approaches to national newspapers to advertise number generally unsuccessful. Stop Press: Daily Record carry GGAS AD EVERY MORNING.

Telephone answering service when Centre not staffed. Real statistics not available but 83 calls resulted in personal interviews with advisors.

Too early to assess value of telephone service - particularly due to high cost. Income from local discos mainstay plus occasional donations.

[signed] John Breslin 29 October 1975

As at September 1975

SMG Membership as at September 1975 [these figures are corrected and expanded from map referred to below]
  Women Men  
Glasgow 29 163  
Edinburgh 12 107  
Dundee 6 73  
Falkirk 4 18  
Fife 6 10  
Aberdeen 2 14  
Paisley 1 11  
Inverness 1 11  
Dumfries & Galloway     32 (total) not in %
Carlisle 0 5  
Total Number 61 412  
Percentage 13% 87%  

Catchment Areas of the Main SMG Groups in 1975 [map of Scottish Regions]


[In] AMG: 3 Annual Reports [hand written on computer paper. Complete text below.]


The fortunes of the Aberdeen Group continue unsteadily on the shakey foundation of local apathy. This does not say that some memorable events have not happened. Our weekly meetings at the beginning of the year were very well attended, culminating in a record number at the AGM in February. Since then numbers have mysteriously dropped, and have remained abysmally low ever since. We have also dan bad luck with departing committee members, leaving too much in the hands of too few. All the same a reasonably successful series of monthly discos has been held. Recently Mrs Lea of the College of Education led a most interesting session in discussing the place of sex in general, and homosexuality in particular, in school health education. In future our AGMs are to be held in the late autumn, the the hope that new blood can take over while the season is still going.

D[enis] Wilson."




SHRG 1980 ANNUAL REPORT + audited accounts

[there is a paste up of the front cover done with newspaper cuttings glued and surrounded with outlines in felt tip pen