LGBT History Scotland: What the Press Said

Index to articles from the Glasgow Herald (now The Herald) which reference LGBT issues. Material is posted with the permission of The Herald, for which I am grateful. This has been prepared from the Glasgow Herald Index* and from many other sources which contain press cuttings, such as the Outright Scotland Archive in the National Library of Scotland.

Glasgow Herald 1982
Glasgow Herald 1981
Glasgow Herald 1980
Glasgow Herald 1979
Glasgow Herald 1978
Glasgow Herald 1977
Glasgow Herald 1976
Glasgow Herald 1975
Glasgow Herald 1974
Glasgow Herald 1973
Glasgow Herald 1972
Glasgow Herald 1971
Glasgow Herald 1940-70


Format of Title Entries on each page
C = correspondence L = leader
E = with accompanying editorial  l M = map
F = special feature P = photograph
I = illustration T = table


Source material from the The Herald on microfilm can be found in the following libraries:
The Mitchell Library, Glasgow  
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh  
Glasgow University Library  


* Assistance with scrutinising the index right at the beginning was given by Jim Campbell and Neil Cameron when a small quantity of material was extracted for the Becoming Visible Exhibition at the Glasgow LGBT Centre in 4 November, 2002 put on by OurStory Scotland with the support of Diverse Artists and Glasgow LGBT Centre.