LGBT History Scotland

Glasgow Herald 1978

The Family Lesbians, GH 1978 Jan 16, 8a, P;

Judges uphold Gay News guilty verdict, GH 1978 Mar 18, 13e:

Young Liberals deplore action against "gays", GH 1978 Mar 28, 4f;

Gay News to appeal to Lords, GH 1978 May 18, 5c;

Homosexual centre opened in Edinburgh [by Councillor John Crichton], GH 1978 Jun 30, 9g;

Scots sex law appeal urged, GH 1978 Jul 3, 3c;

Frightened Mr X paid man £800, GH 1978 Aug 18, 7c;

[McCarthy] twins are jailed for camp offences, GH 1978 Aug 31, 5a;

Yard quiz Andrew Newton [over Liberal club irregularities], GH 1978 Sep 15, 1i;

Plan for Gay News in library rejected [by Edinburgh Council], GH 1978 Sep 30, 3a;

Children for lesbians cause doctors dilemma, GH 1978 Oct 23, 7a;