LGBT History Scotland

Glasgow Herald 1975

[SNP to be asked to safeguard rights of homosexuals in independent Scotland], GH 1975 Feb. 20, 2b;

Shop for minority group, GH 1975 Aug 4, 3e;

Group attack councilors, Aug 15, 2h;

Appeals to Ross on council decision, Aug 29, 4i;

Inquiry into "gay" talk at [Polmont] Borstal, GH 1975 Sep 8, 4g;

"Mr Harry Ewing, Under Secretary of State, Scottish Office, with special responsibility for the prison service has called for a special report on a visit to the Borstal institution at Polmont, Stirlingshire of two self confessed homosexuals. ... I have asked ... full report from Scottish Prison Service. ... The two men Donald Blamey and John Breslin, both members of the Scottish Minorities Group were asked to give a lecture on "Gay [unreadable] Liberation to inmates, to help a male homosexual with problems.

The governor, Mr Charles Hills, was not available for comment yesterday. [rest of the article on MF at Mitchell Library, undecipherable].

See follow up reports here.

General Teaching Council defer action on indecency case, GH 1975 Dec 3, ?;


C = correspondence; E = with accompanying editorial; F = special feature; I = illustration; L = leader; M = map; P = photograph; T = table.