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logo Glasgow Herald 1979: LGBT History Scotland
logo Glasgow Herald 1979: LGBT History Scotland

Glasgow Herald 1979

Row ends over gay Tory - ,GH 1979 mar 27, 5c;

Differences between solicitor Derek Ogg & local Tory party resolved after he admitted that he was a homosexual.

Parties attacked on gay policies, GH 1979 Apr 18, 5c; Single paragraph in long article.

'THE CAMPAIGN for Homosexual Equality said both Labout and Conservative parties had ignored "the growing anger of homosexuals at parliamentary disdain for gay rights." But they welcomed Liberal plans to remove all legal discrimination against them.'

Catholic teachers debate on homosexual teacher’s, GH 1979 Jun 9, 1f; (End of article column f, articles starts in column a.)

Sex offences man gets eight years, GH 1979 Sep 6, 3c; (No edition available in On MF)

I will appeal says sacked homosexual, GH 1979 Nov 24, 3e; (No edition available in On MF.)

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