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logo LGBT History Scotland: Glasgow Herald 1980
logo LGBT History Scotland: Glasgow Herald 1980

Glasgow Herald 1980

A £1100 grant for gay group opposed [by Winifred Donaldson], GH 1980 Apr 24, 5a;

She unsuccessfully opposed Lothian region’s social work committee giving SHRG a grant of A £1100 for counselling services.

Scots homosexual law is relaxed, GH 1980 Jul 23, 1e;

HOMOSEXUAL relationships in private between consenting adults over 21 will become legal in Scotland following a House of Commons vote last night. No prosecutions have been brought in the past 10 years and in a free vote, MPs decided by 203 votes to 80 - majority 123 - that the offence should be removed from the statute book. Mr Robin Cook, Labour MP for Central Edinburgh, was sponsor .. He said that it was absurd that accepted behaviour in one part of the UK should still be a criminal offence in Scotland. …​ Homosexuals in Scotland were forced to choose either to restrain their affection or break the law. …​

War blinded fear the club next to them, GH 1980 Aug 28, 3e;

Blinded war heroes were angry when a homosexual club opened next door and applied for a drinks licence. The veterans were supported by more than 700 local people, who signed a petition, fearing drunken homosexuals would roam the streets near the club and be a moral danger to the public.

Yesterday, Sheriff John Mowat at Glasgow Sheriff Court refused the homosexuals a drinks licence for their club in Queen’s Crescent, Woodside, Glasgow, solely on the grounds that, at the time of the application, the club had not been properly formed and did not have any official members.

The Glasgow branch of the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group now has 90 members, a waiting list of 72, and hopes to have 400 members in the club soon.

Dr. Wardrop said the effect of alcohol might well reduce tensions and the urge to carry out homosexual acts. Homosexuals in general were more inhibited and less likely to display sexual urges than others while under the influence of alcohol.

Sheriff Mowat said the criminal law regarding homosexuality in Scotland was about to be altered and there was no evidence that any member of the club had been convicted of a criminal offence.

Changing a law [in Scotland], GH 1980 Nov 6, 2i; (No editions available in Google News but found in Mitchell Library bound volumes, 20220301 & MF photo 20221209)

"The Commons agreed with the Lords last night that homosexual acts between consenting adults in private should become legal in Scotland, provided only two persons are involved. They approved drafting changes which the peers had made in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill which will bring the law on Homosexuality in line with that of England."

Lesbian mother wins custody against father’s wishes, GH 1980 Nov 22, 5b; (No editions available in Google News but found in Mitchell Library, Glasgow bound volumes & MF photo 20221209)

Father changed after vasectomy, GH 1980 Nov 28, 8g; (No editions available in Google News but found in Mitchell Library, Glasgow bound volumes & MF photo 20221209)

Doctors have disclosed the first known case of a man turning homosexual after a vasectomy. …​ Case reported by Dr Christopher Bass, Dept. Psychiatry, King’s College Hospital Dr David Rees, St Thomas’s Hosp, London.

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