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logo Glasgow Herald 1974: LGBT History ScotlandZ
logo Glasgow Herald 1974: LGBT History ScotlandZ

Glasgow Herald 1974

Homosexuals snubbed [by Edinburgh Town Council], GH 1974 Jul 26, 22d;

(P 22 appears missing in 20221019, but indexing looks odd at this point. Use MF instead)

400 delegates for congress, GH 1974 Nov 29, 17h [or 27h]; (No editions available in google. Found in microfilm)

Organisers of the first international Gay Rights Conference…​ on camera 20221130

Gay rights women complain, GH 1974 Dec 20 11e; (Not found in GH index for 1974, scanned under title)

Women in Scotland are sex mates to be chatted up, family to be patronisec, or servants to be used and ignored. (Source unknown.) 

Ms Chris Campbell [said of comparing her to the male homosexual] the female homosexual neede far more. "Her non-acceptance is deeply rooted in society’s belief that, whatever surface concessions are made, women exist for their sexual and domestic usefulness to men. Gay women¬† cannot be free to live as they wish until society’s attitudes are changed." …​ [I am not sure where this comes from and why it is here]

Gay Rights reject 'sex education', Glasgow Herald 1974 Dec 23, 3d;

A call for restructuring of sex education in schools to replace the "present brainwashng of children" was made yesterday at the International Gay Rights Congress …​ calling on Trades Unions to support in their fights against discrimination and victimisation …​
Mr Derek Ogg said that coming generations had to be educated in order that "gay" persons among them should not have to suffer the same harassment homosexuals were faced with today.

[This is first year of mention of the word "Gay" in Glasgow Herald. Personal communication from by Neil Cameron & Jim Campbell c2003. The article above quotes the use of the word by a speaker. Perhaps this one does too?]

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