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logo Gay Club for Glasgow: LGBT History Scotland
logo Gay Club for Glasgow: LGBT History Scotland
A Gay Club in Glasgow 1979
Setting up the Club
    SHRG  General Meeting on TUESDAY MAY 15th [year uncertain] at 8 pm, a previously circulated motion about the proposed leasing of club premises was be debated. Copy not found yet.
    Glasgow Club Project: [undated probably early 1979] repairs to Ashley St. premises would be too expensive - considering a building in N. Woodside Road -  £24,560 has already been guaranteed.
   A Gay Club for Glasgow: [undated probably April 1979] club must be commercial - outlay will be about £45,000 - could open in July - final decision with members at a General Meeting on May 15th. ?year - form for guarantors.
   Prospectus for a Gay Club in Glasgow: August 1979 - proposal to buy 4 Queen's Crescent, St. Georges Cross, Glasgow - opne meeting  to discuss on  4 Sep., 1979 - message from Chairman - Background & the need for a gay club - Membership - How would  it be run? - Money, projections of costs, guarantees, loans and revenue - If the worst comes to the worst - How much is required now - Projected accounts - Voting slip regarding view of club proposal.
The Club Opening:
The Club to open on 11 July:  Latest News on the Club June 1980: Queen's Crescent Club Opens on 11 July 1980 - Programme of events, Gay Pride, the Saunders case.
Glasgow gays rout Seaforth Highlanders(Gay News Number 197): Article about the finances, the running, the facilities, licensing of the Club.
Club Events: There are about 12 Events Brochures, Christmas cards here
Listen to Stories about Club:
Halloween 30 Oct. 1980

Cash Crisis:
There are documents to be included in the future:

Annual Report 1981 [copy obtained.]
Supplement[of Cash]FromGlasgowClubMembersSHRGAGM15Mar1982.jpg
Meeting of Guarantors 1 March, 1982 [not seen]
General Meeting of members 28 March, 1982[not seen]
AGM 30 May, 1982

Annual Report 1982 [copy in NAS GD467/3/2/25]
Closing the Club: Under review..
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