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logo A Gay Club for Glasgow c1980:
logo A Gay Club for Glasgow c1980:

Glasgow SHRG Gay Club,
Queen's Crescent, Glasgow.

Text of an undated SHRG Document probably  April, 1979


    It is extermely important to note that SHRG, as the only bone fide gay organisation in Scotland, is in a unique position to develop gay clubs in Scotland. The operation of the licensing laws suggeste that ad hoc gay social clubs may find it very difficult to obtain a club license; we therefore owe it to the gay community to make the most of’ our opportunity, and were we to operate a gay club it would of course be run on “commercial” lines, that is, with paid staff, a manager, etc.
    However, if the project is to become a reality, SHRG members and the gay community generally must rally round. We need, not money, but.guarentors, for the initial outlay of’ £45000. Already a number of people have indicated their willingness to guarantee the project, but there is still a long way to go, and not all that much time. The premises presently proposed by the Branch Committee could open as a gay club in mid July (our lawyers, accountants, surveyors etc are already working away) so it’s not a distant prospect by any means.
    The final decision, of whether to get these premises, or which to get, rests with you the members, at the General Meeting, and no doubt we will only go ahead if we ara confident of success.

    But an essential prerequisite in in your hands, as an individual. If you have any span credit, or know someone who can help, do your bit to guarantee the first Scottish gay club. We need to know
         by May 15th
                 whether we have the support for a club;
There is no point in considerting alternatives if we haven’t!

    Notices relating to the General Meetings on May 15th and June 5th.

At the General Meeting on TUESDAY MAY 15th at 8 pm, the previously circulated motion about the proposed leasing of club premises will be debated. Notice is hereby given that the Branch Committee may propose as an alternative the purchase of other premises, and all members interested in the prospect of a gay club in Glasgow should attend.

As information is constantly being gathered in relation to the project, and as investigations continue, it may eventually be expedient to delay a decision on leasing or purchase until June 5th: whether to decide at once or postpone until then will, be for the meeting on May 15th to decide. Nevertheless, to fulfill constitutional requirements regarding the giving of notice of motions, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the General Meeting on June 5th 1979 may also consider proposals for the lease or purchase of club premiese.

JIM SHEARER, Deputy Chairman

                                                                                Send to: Premises Committee, SHAG,
I, _____________________________   (Block capitals please)
am prepared to act as a guarantor for SHRG(Glasgow) up to the sum of £ in connection with the above proposals for club premises.
Signed; _____________________
(This is not a legal document)

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