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logo Glasgow Queens Crescent Club Events Programme: LGBT History Scotland
logo Glasgow Queens Crescent Club Events Programme: LGBT History Scotland

Glasgow Queens Crescent Club Events Programme

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Glasgow Queens Cresent Club Events Flier (end of 1980)
Club Openeing Hours:
Mon Closed
Tue 7pm-1am
Wed, Thu, Sun 7pm-12pm
Fri, Sat 7pm-2am

Tue 10-1am
Fri & Sat 10-2am
Charge Members £1.00 Guests £1.50

Lounge Bar open 7pm-11pm, 6 nights/week for sale of alcohol
Coffee Bar open 7pm-11pm

Also Membership details & Map

Glasgow Club Events Jan - Feb 1981 p1
Jan/Feb Programme
Wednesday Night Meetings:
"Is Sex Still Wrong?"
Rev. Bob Eccles,Catholic Chaplain, Strathclude University.
Homosexuality can damage your health. - a look at link with alcoholism.
Glasgow Gay Theatre Workshop Presents - Bryan Williams
"On Being a J.P." RS , J.P., B.L., Depute Convenor

Glasgow Club Events Jan - Feb 198 1p1b MembershipForm
Scottish Homosexual Rights Group (Glasgow Branch) Club
Membership Application form (£6 or £10)

Glasgow Club Events Feb - Mar 1981
Tuesdays: Disco & Video Show
Wednesday Night Meetings
Discussion - On Bisexuality. "Trend or Cop-out."
Plans for the Club - Convenor
The Scottish & Northern Gay Ativists Alliance with Bob Orr.
Experience : From Boston to San Franscisco with Des Gilmour
Thursdays - Quiet sentimental evening

Glasgow Club Events Apr - May 1981
Tuesdays Discos
Wednesday Nights Meetings:
The future: After the Branch AGM - New Constitution - The future of the Gay Club
The Scottish Trades Union Gay Group with Ian Dunn: Saunders Case
Club General Metting
Scottish Committee Communist Party Gay Advisory with Ken Cowan.
Discussion: On Pornography.

Glasgow Club Events Jun - Jul 1981
Wednesday Meetings:
Glasgow University Gay-Soc with Mick Tonner
Ian Christie on his "Gay Travels in the Third World"
Discussion - Our feelings about families
Our Rights - with Derek Ogg, Lawyer & National Secretary SHRG
Refrewshire & Ayrshire Gay Switchboard (RAGS) with Bill McConnachie

Club Improvements Appeal - extra ventilation, soundproofing & decoration by way of:
Debenture Stocks £10 units offering interest competing with highest building soc. investment rates
Special Membership £50 with free entry to club functions.
Raffles, Lotteries etc.

Non-disco nights - Mon, Wed & Thur - use increasing to enourage this a 50p voucher against entry on Friday & Sat. will be given

Glasgow Club Events Jul - Aug 1981
Wednesday Meetings:
Jim Black on Social Services & client orientation.
David Dawson - Awareness Evening
Get away - Get a Gay - Winterbreak holidays etc. Guest Speaker
The Healthy Homo - Not VD talk again!
Malcolm on Durham Gay Fest.
Food for thought - Catering for one - John B.
Married & Gay? Is it easier, more difficult or what? - thoughts from members.
Glasgow Club Events Aug - Sep 1981
Wednesday Meetings:
Plans for the Club with Manager George Henderson.
Buying & Setting up house (Alone or together)
On Insurance with guest speaker
Gay Liberation - myth or real prospect? What has it done for anyone all these years?
First AGM of the Club 30 Sept 1981 (Signed Secy, Malcolm Crowe)
Glasgow Club Events Oct - Nov 1981
Dykes Delight on a Wednesday night at the Bistro.
Wednesday Meetings:
AGM Retrospect - Was it worthwhile?
Discussion of Romance & Infatuation.
Glasgow Gay Youth with John Guiller-McCallum.
The Last Taboo - Sado-Masochism with Derek Ogg.
Plans for Club - meet the new Management Committee.

AGM 30 Sep 1981 the following were elected to Management Committee:
Ken Cowan, Malcolm Crowe, David Dawson, Richard Durk, David Gallacher, Tom Gillies, John Gillies-McCallum, Alan Hughes, Harry Meecham, Gerry Murphy, Tim Redman, Muriel Robertson. (Higel Cook - Scrutineer).

Disco Nights: Tue (entry donation 50p, guest 80p) Fri, Sat (£1/£2.50)
Free before 9pm. The Club is very busy on these nights, and there is usually a queue when the pubs close - so come early and avoid the rush!

Glasgow Club Events Nov - Dec 1981
Wendesday Meetings:
Awareness - The Secrets of the Inner Soul.
Gay Liberation - The Future, with Malcolm Crowe.
New Directions for SHRG - incl. report from the Edinburgh Forum on 28 Nov 1981.
Awareness - Making Contact.

Developments within SHRG
- proposed reconstruction to be discussed at Edinburgh Forum (above) & for Glasgow Branch at meeting on 12 Dec, 1981 in Gay Centre.


Glasgow Club Xmas Card 1981

Designed by J.D. Grahics

Glasgow Club Xmas Card & Programme 1981
Various Discos over Xmas & New Year.
Twelfth Night Disco - come & tear down decorations.
Glasgow Club Events Dec - Jan 1981-1982
Wednesday Meetings:
Ian Christie "World Case" - Gays especially in the Far East, Jamaica etc.
Discussion - The Obsession with sex - myth or reality?
Employment matters - Gays, Trades Unions & the Law.

Bistro Opening Times:
Sun 8-11, Tue 9pm-1am, Wed & Thu 8-11, Fri & Sat 9pm-1am.
Sun, Wed & Thus - special snack menu.

. Glasgow Club Events Jan - Feb 1982
Glasgow Branch 11th. AGM on 31 Mar, 1982 in Gay Centre 534 Sauchiehall St.:
Proposal "This AGM welcomes the new National Constitution of SHRG adopted 27 Mar 1982, and agrees to its provisions replacing the Branch Constitution.
New Club Manager:
Roy Moseley comes from hotel management. At 35 he recently retired as GM of a large hotel in Africa.
Wednesday Meetings:
Report from the Licensing Board.
Meet the New Manager:
The Law and You - with Gerry Murphy.
Peter Ferrie - "Gays and Insurance".
Plans for the Club - New developments.

Noise: Sensitivity regarding noise when clients leave discussed. Police inform club that there is still a problem

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