Paisley Branch Papers in NAS GD467/1/3/31

A Paisley Gay Group probably started informally in the early 70s. A letter from SMG NEC suggests that there was a group in 1975 (1975/12/05 Letter to Gordon Graham (lapsed member)).

The Paisley Gay Group afffilitiated to SHRG as the Pailsey & District Branch of SHRG and the papers following show the progress:

The next letter (1979/03/07 Letter to all members SHRG Paisley Gay Group) is from National Office SHRG saying how please they were that you have established in informal gay group in Paisley. It was happy that they should SHRG in their title subject to some provisos regarding funds and which would require some changes to the Paisley consititution.

Later that year (1979/11/14 SHRG Paisley Gay Group Members Meeting: agenda, minutes.) a meeting (21 members) of the Paisley Gay Group to place with members of  SHRG National Executive voted 16 votes to 4 in favour of the motion “That this group applies to become an official Branch of SHRG, as soon a possible”.  The first AGM of SHRG Paisley & District Branch was held on 12 Dec 1979 at which a constitution (1979/12/12 SHRG Paisley & District Branch First AGM: minutes) was accepted and a committee elected.

Other related documents are listed below:
1979/12/12 SHRG Paisley & District Branch Constitution & Proposed Constitution [not typed]

1979/12/1 SHRG Paisley & District Branch First Committee Meeting: (not typed)
      Letter Bill McConnachie to Secretary, NEC, SHRG detailing Office Bearers
            Bill McConnachie (Chair), Andy O'Connell (Secy), Derek Colville (Treas),
           Archie McCracken(Social Acivities Convenor), Alex Stewart (Comm. Member).
1980? March Enclose to all SHRG members resident in Renfrew & Ayrshire telling them of new SHRG branch.

There are various other papers relating to the Paisley Branch:

1980/07/04 Letter Allan Donnel, Secy SHRG Paisley Br to SHRG NEC: (not typed)
       After extraordinary general meeting change of office bearers.
          Eric McGreggor (Chair), Allan Donnell (Secy), Derek Colvilee remains Treas.
      Reply from SHRG NEC, National Secy Philip Lightowlers.

1980/02/29 SHRG Paisley & District Branch Meeting (in Bill McConachie's house): (not typed)
        minutes, letter enclosing to NEC.

1980/02/00 SHRG Paisley Lambda Newslett - 1 sheet A4:
          Jeff, editor of Lambda, leaving area - looking for new editor

1980/12/21 SHRG Paisley & District Branch Committee Meeting: minutes

1981/06/08 Paisley Daily Express p1 (Main headlines whole page) "Paisley Goes Gay" - new advice service for homosexuals starts tomorrow

1981/07/07 SHRG Renfrew & District Branch: renfrewshire & Ayrshire Gay Swithboard:
        List of Befrienders [& addresses] & Duty Rota for July & Aug.

The Paisley Branch had a newsletter called Lambda which ran for many years. Sadly only 5 issues of it seem to have survived:

1981/07/00 Lambda Newsletter No 6. "Open day Success",
       Advert in Glasgow Herald 1982/06/04
       Letter from David Jago 13 June 1981, to Editor, Paisley Daily Express, re fair coverage of Open Day

1981/10/00 Lambda Newsletter October 1981

1983/11/00 Lambda Newsletter No 14.

1984/09/00 Lambda Newsletter No 15

1885/03/00 Lambda Newsletter March 1985 No 16 [in AF Archive]: image of front page.

1984/05/16 SHRG Paisley Gay Group Meeting, Outings, etc.