This is the story of how SMG started in 1969.
The first record of a meeting is from 7 Feb, 1969 in Ian Dunn's parents house. The purpose of the meeting was a first meeting of individuals to discuss the position of the homosexual in Scotland". There were five persons present and Ian made a record of this the following day in Prestwick, Scotland.
The aim was to establish a committee: "being virual strangers" most of the time was taken up exchanging experience and reading correspondence. The felt the lack of an experienced committee and legal person. Other topics discussed included: - obtaining Charitable status - law reform, what the name should be - and association with the Albany Trust - where to meet ("another problem to be resolved".
The second meeting took place on 6 Mar, 1989 in Glasgow, there is an agenda and a summary of Ian's long note of the meeting.
[Was there a meeting in April?]
9 May 1969: Agenda for a meeting [with SMG logo at head of paper], which did take place at 4 Moray Place, Glasgow..
SMG. Notes for EU/SVSS Talk 12 Jan 1970 Ian C Dunn


Number of Members in 1970
Ian Dunn produced a scatter map of the number of members in 1970. There were 28 members, 2 members from England, and 4 liaisons (various purposes) outside Scotland. The original of this map spirit duplicated and dated 1/8/69 is in GD467/1/1/3. It shows 14 members plus 2 now in England and 7 liaisons plus 4 outside Scotland.