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Find out more about "Love Song To Lavender Menace" play by James Ley at Lyceum, Edinburgh, 20171012 to 20171023. Author talks in a clip (accessed 2017-10-08 recorded in Waterstones, Princess St in which he states that that store was previously Scotland's first gay night club "Fire Island" (which I visited frequently in the 80s). He says that Lavender Menace started in the cloak room of the night club in 1987.   Review:

"It’s 1987 and shop workers Paul and David are getting ready for a celebration of the 5th anniversary of LAVENDER MENACE, Scotland’s foremost lesbian, gay, feminist bookshop. From its humble beginnings in the cloakroom of an Edinburgh nightclub, (that saw a performance from the Village People!), this trailblazing venture has become the beating heart of Edinburgh’s LGBT community. But can it survive in Thatcher’s changing Britain of capitalism and commodification? Love Song to Lavender Menace is a funny and moving testimony to the love and passion it takes to make something happen and the loss that is felt when you have to let it go. "


Checking links and space on server. Problem with capitalisation of GN/gn Gay News directory solved.

Information on gay pubs being added from Anthony Cooke, 2015, A History of Drinking: The Scottish Pub since 1700.

9/2016 Inconsictencies in capitlisation of URLs altered. For example, SMG in place of smg, HIV/hiv    
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6/2011 Index to GD467/1/1/1 added.    
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Note about talk on homosexuality at Polmont Young Offenders Institution
see Glasgow Herald 1975 2 3 [Thanks Bill McConnachie]

24/11/2007 Added images of letters from Quentin Crisp & Ian Dunn, c1976-77, GS467/4/36    
5/11/2007 GD467/1/1/4 1970-92 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: National constitutions  GD467/1/1/6 1975-85 Scottish Minorities Group/Scottish Homosexual Rights Group: Annual Reports: drafts and correspondence 1975-1985 y  

Added GD467/1/1/14 Rural Letters from National Executive Committee members.
GD467/1/1/5 SMG/SHRG: Annual Reports 1969-1989 [actually to 1984]

17/10/2007 Added GD467/1/1/3: Scottish Minorities Group: Early Meetings and Discussion Papers Records of Outright Scotland "Ian Dunn Archive" 1969 in National Archives of Scotland  y  
23/8/2007 Details of 3rd meeting of SMG entered.
Site navigation improved with JavaScript breadcrumbing: (put in Press, except GN).

Minutes of 1st, 2nd, 3rd meetings of SMG in 1969 updated.


Start made to type "The Homosexual in Scotland" report of 3rd meeting at which name Scottish Minorities Group was adopted. See file HomosexualInScotland3rdMeeting9May1969.html. (Agenda for this photographed pic196 &7.jpg.
Ian Dunn's summary of "The Homosexual in Scotland", 10 March 1969 typed in full.

22/7/2007 Note on Alan Horsfall added at end of file after seeing him on Channel 4 TV tonight.    
15/2/2007 Aberdeen SMG started in 1971 pages added    
6/2/2007 International Gay Rights Congress 1974 - Flyer Images added    

More added to GD467/1/1/1. First mention of Close Theatre Club, Glasgow as gay venue. Copies of earliest SMG report obtained.

First mention of Minorities Research Trust: What is this?

27/8/2006 More details of members of first SMG Committee:         Ean Simpson, Tighnabruaich.    
14/4/2006 Ian Dunn's Links with North-West Homosexual Law Reform Committee and Esquire Clubs Limited c. 1968-9    
14/4/2006 More of GD467/1/1/1 investigated    
8/4/2006 Front pages of SMG News added for years 1977 end, and all 1978    
23/3/2006 Brian Dempsey Article added. Domain name set up    
20/3/2006 Before SMG Bachelor Clan.  Further details of GD467/1/1/2 added    
20/2/2006 HIV: The Scottish Dimension    
20/2/2006 LGBT Law in Scotland: Timeline    
14/2/2006 GD467/1/2/5 1983-1993 SMG/SHRG /Outright Scotland: important legal cases
Work on this in progress.
7/2/2006 GD467/2/1/7 1971-96 SMG/SHRG/Outright Scotland: publications: examples
The entire contents of this file are listed here. It contains fine examples of early SMG leaflets.
21/12/2005 Aberdeen SMG 1972 SmiG Broadsheets & Link    

1978 SMG News looked at. Gay Granite produced in Aberdeen
1976 SMG News: Paul Brownsey replaces John Breslin as editor
Jan 1982 last edition of Gay Scotland duplicated
History of SMG News

19/11/2005 Added extract of survey of Gay Club in Glasgow 1979
Homosexual Practice On HMS Seahorse, March 1761.
16/11/2005 Added letter re history & description of Glasgow Gay Centre & Club   Link in

Glasgow Gay Club Queens Crescent: Annual Report for 1982
News paper articles on 1974 International Gay Conference
Map of SMG members in 1970

2005 Approaches made to Outright Scotland regarding making html material available on the web    
early 2003 Ian Strang started to put some of the material on the web starting with an index of the archive.    

This site was started about the time of the LGBT exhibition Becoming Visible which was put on by OurStory Scotland in the LGBT Centre Glasgow opening on 2 November, 2002. A group of five people had got together to collect material for the exhibition. We discovered the existence of the Outright Scotland Archive in the National Archives of Scotland, affectionately call the Ian Dunn Archive after the founder of the Scottish Minorities Group in 1969.


Ian look at ABERDEEN More expansion: Denis Wilson

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