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The photo shows the well organised folder which was given to me by Denis Wilson in 2006. It holds papers from SMG Aberdeen Branch from 1971 to 1978 Behind you will see my laptop running Ubuntu Linux used to author this site.

Minutes of Meeting: Mon 15th November 1971

Began with discussion of aims and organisation of SMG Edinburgh - branch decided to follow same pattern. Law Reform: All agreed that law re homosexual acts should be changed, age of consent being primarily  21 - hope of future reform to 18. Counseling Service: Agreed that this was needed and suggested by Prof. Miller of Aberdeen University. Hope meeting with prof. will be arranged. Temporary officers elected: Denis Wilson, Chair; R K Vice-Chair; Secy G S. Progress included: meetings with University Chaplain & George Wilson of Social Services. Latter may provide facilities for group. Large turnout expected for first meeting, but only 5 turned up plus 4 apologies.  Social Events: Mon 22 Nov [1971] Stanley Baxter Show H.M Theatre. Next meeting 23 Nov 1971. Meeting end midnight.

Minutes of Meeting Tue 23 Nov 1971
Minutes of Meeting Wed 8 Dev 1971
Minutes of Meeting Mon 10 Jan 1972
Minutes of Meeting Tue 3 Feb 1972
Minutes of Meeting Thu 17 Feb 1972
Minutes of Meeting Thu 24 Feb 1972

SMiG No 1 Feb - Mar 1972

SMiG - "A monthly broadsheet from SMG Aberdeen"
  SMiG No 2 Mar - May 1972  
  SMiG No 3 Apr - Jun 1972  
  The Link April 1973 The Link for gay men & women published by SMG Aberdeen

Acting Chairman's Report presented by Denis Wilson at
First AGM of Scottish Minorities Group - Aberdeen Branch [26 Feb 1973]
. [This is a manuscript A4 sheet.]

1. First attempt to form a Branch here [Aberdeen] by R.K.[sic] in Jan. 1971.

2. I was only member at first, so reluctantly accepted the fact that I would have to proceed, contacte?? RK. Ist meeting convened in Nov 1971. Small attendance - grew to about 12. We had mainly policy meetings then, but had a few social outings and parties. We had Mac Sutherland as our first guest. The psychiatric profession are ignorant of the social aspect of H.

3. Meeting were in abeyance for March till recently. We have to thank R. for her generous offer of her flat for meetings.

4. We have had discussions with University chaplain, Ab.[erdeen] Ass. of Soc.[ial] Service, Prof Millar [Prof of Psychiatry, Aberdeen University.]

5. R ???? to all minutes - sore very interesting replies, mostly  ??? to be ?????????, very few ???? against.

6. We have had articles in Gaudie [Aberdeen University Student paper] - but surprisingly few respondents.

7. C??? was following up report of court cases and police harassment but we don't know what progress she made, if any.

8. One of the biggest events was Deporter. The full ramifications of this have yet to be felt. Ian Dunn succeeded to  sore? start in what he set out to do - to stir things up in Aberdeen.

9. A student society in progress of formation.

10. Finally, I feel that our next 6 months to 1 year are going to be crucial. With 20 or so members I feel that we have just passed the hurdle of numbers - we have reached critical mass, and we shall grow from now on. Things are happening right now in Aberdeen, and most must make hay while the sun shines.  It is important not to loose the opportunities which are at our doorstep.

It is my personal wish to see a group which is strong and can command the respect of the people of Aberdeen, and yet which is friendly and welcoming to its members.


Minutes of Meeting 9 Mar 1972
Minutes of Meeting 30 Mar 1972

Policy Meeting 11 Apr 1973:

Agenda and 1. Report by Executive Committee. 2 Report on CHE Conference, Report by Committee,  Notes on 2 motions by DW, only

Minutes of Meeting Thu 27 Apr 1972

20 Jan 1974: Letter to all members - 2nd AGM to be held on Mon 11 Feb 1974.

The National Committee has expressed its regret that the A Branch has come to grief. - obvious need for branch in Aberdeen - immense benefit to members and gay community - please try to come along - needs more involvement from members - disappointment that more gay people are not associated with it - if you know anyone interested  please extend invitation to him or her. Y s Denis Wilson (Secy. Aberdeen)

2 Jun 1973: Danny Mullen (SMG Chair) talking to Aberdeen branch
          7.30 Sat, [at Denis], Party afterwards.

28 Feb 1975: Letter to members.

...local branch not been active for some time - steering committee set up to get group back on feet again to stand till next AGM on Mon 10 Mar 1975, 119 Brookhill Rd. Need for strong group: Counseling & Befriending, Social Activities, Education, Law Reform. Note that there are no women among signatories - not male chauvinists, but lost contact with woman's group - hope that contact will be re-establishes soon. "Don't be alarmed if his young children ask if you are gay - as Angus has warned they might do ... apparently they are taking the positive attitude that it is a good thing!" Yours s A B, A R, J S, D W.

[More exists in folder to be added.]

Material from National Archives of Scotland relating to SMG Aberdeen. Not yet inserted in chronological order:
  GD467/1/3/2 1974-82 SMG Aberdeen in National Archives of Scotland