GD248/165/8 National Archives of Scotland
[File: GD248_165_HomosexualPraticeOnHMSSeahorse.htm]

Homosexual Practice on the HMS Seahorse found & transcribed by Ian Strang c April 2004.

Papers of the Grant of Grant and Ogilvy of Findlater familes, Earls of Seafield (Seafield Papers)
CountryCode GB
RepCode 234
Repository National Archives of Scotland
Reference GD248/165/8
Title Papers relative to naval service of captain CG Grant on board HMS `Seahorse' and `Lenox'
Date 1760-1764
Extent 14 pieces
Description Including:
3. 1761 March 22
Deposition by CC Grant, commander of HMS `Seahorse', anent homosexual practices of Richard Chilton, seaman, and William Hoskins, the captain's servant.

This is a single sheet of paper about A4 written in ink on both sides. No mention of where the Seahorse was at the time. Other papers indicate that it traded widely.

“That about four o'clock the said Day he went down with the said Rich` Chilton before the Carpenters' store Room Dore & that the said Chilton there ask'd twice over if he would stand his friend & he/ Chilton/ would stand his & Hoskins replied he would , upon which Chilton said come by & i'll make your cock bigger. The Boy desired him to be gone and called him nasty [the t is not crossed ie nasly] fellow, but Chilton desired Hoskins to come to him & promised to let him want for nothing & that he would make a pretty boy of him.”

... the rest explain how Chilton persuaded Hoskins to go down into the Coal Hole and how “he took Hoskins in his Arms hike a young Child & then laid him down upon the Coals.”

They were discovered by the Cook and nothing took place. The account is factual of the encounter and though Hoskins says that he fears he will be flogged if found in the Coal Hole there is no record of any reprimand or any judicial process.

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