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logo Teddy Taylor visits Gay Centre Glasgow 1977: LGBT History Scotland
logo Teddy Taylor visits Gay Centre Glasgow 1977: LGBT History Scotland

Teddy Taylor
 It was rather as if Enoch Powell had been guest. of' honour at the Notting Hill Carnival. Parliamentary queer-basher Teddy Taylor confronted SMG Glasgow at their new Gay Centre, just a few weeks after he had publicly criticized the spending of taxpayers' money on this "spanking new club for homosexuals" (What a pity he didn't get his words the wrong way round). :
 The Centre was crammed for, the meeting, which Ian Dunn was describing afterwards as "the best political meeting I 've ever attended in this country". SMG News is grateful to Fraser Borwick for supplying the following report, by 9am the next morning.
 Mr Edward Taylor, Conservative MP for Cathcart and shadow spokesman for Scottish affairs was invited to Glasgow Gay Centre; on Tuesday 20th September. He recently objected to the use of pubic funds in the construction of the Centre.
 Mr Taylor said that he did not dislike SMG, but did not like "anything of an evangelical nature". He admitted that his only contact with homosexuals was when they visited him in London, He felt that homosexual relationships were not longlasting or genuinely happy, features of the "stable family relationship". -
 Viewing stable, long-term, monogamous, heterosexual relationships as being for the good of society, he felt that homosexuals, unlike other minorities, posed a threat to society. Medical evidence suggested a large area of people undecided about their sexual orientation and he felt that the Government should use its resources to influence people away from being Gay towards happiness and for the benefit of society. Members from London Gay Switchboard mentioned the large number of calls from married people (10 to 20 per day) with families who were now experiencing agonies after following the course advocated by Mr Taylor. It was pointed out that few were gay by choice. .
 He did agree that sex education should include homosexuality — "that it might occur, why it happens and what should be done about it." He supported Glasgow University Senate in preventing a Gay Soc.  He regarded people under 18 as minors. He would not support the lowering of the age of' consent for homosexuals from 21 to 18. He felt that his views were 'most widely held in the Conservative Party, although he knew that two members of the Shadow Cabinet were totally opposed to his views. The Tory Party would allow a free debate and he, if Secretary of State, would not prevent a Bill from being introduced.
 Mr Taylor agreed that a law which existed but was not enforced was an anomaly but did not think it should be repealed. "This would be almost a positive promotion of the growing practice of homosexuality as has happened in England".
 It was suggested that this was hypocritical having a law to appease a sector of the electorate, yet not' permitting' prosecutions because of his own integrity and intelligence. He countered that in' his' view the damage done, by the repeal would far outweigh present unhappiness '
 He did however say that he expected the law would be changed but that he could only 'reconsider his views if he met us all in twenty years' time to see how happy we were.  (Should you read this Mr. Taylor, please email us and we will invite you to reconsider your views by meeting with us.)

 FRASER BORWICK (SMG News October, 1977).

Prior to his visit to the Gay Centre, Teddy Taylor had been reported in the Glasgow Herald in an article "Taylor attacks cash for gay group" (GH 1977 Aug 29, 3c) with corresponance. (GH 1977 Sep 1, 6d, C). Also in the Scotsman 29 Aug 1977

MP stands down
from Press & Journal, Aberdeen, 3 February, 2004.Tedyy Taylor

TORY MP Sir Teddy Taylor, above, one of the most vociferous and unyielding critics of the European Union of his generation, announced yesterday he would not be standing at the next general election. He is 66. Sir Teddy, MP for Rochford and Southend East, first entered Parliament in 1964 as MP for Glasgow, Hillhead. He was one of the band of defiant antiEuropean Tory back-benchers, which became known as the Barmy Army.



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