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Scotsman Articles

Homosexuality and the Law, Scotsman 1966, 7 Nov ref from letter 2 Sp 1970 in GD467/1/1/2

No Gay Guests, Scotsman 1974, 4 Oct ; one column. \[In GD467/6/3\] <br>A last attempt to get Edinburgh Town Council to agree to accord a civic reception to delegates attending the International Congress on Gay Rights in Edinburgh in December failed yesterday when a previous decision to take no action on the request from Edinburgh University Students' Association was endorsed by 34 votes to 28.

Gay Women call for recognition, Scotsman 1974, 20 Dec: ?;** one column 20cm.; seen in NAS GD467/5/ <br>Women in Scotland are sex mates to be chatted up, family to be patronised, or servants to be used and ignored, the First International gay Rights Congress was told yesterday when it opened in Edinburgh. <br>…​ <br>Some 350 delegates have arrived in Edinburgh for the congress. Countries represented include the U.S., Australia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, East and West Germany and the UK. By Sunday, when the congress ends, it is expected that there will be 500 delegates in attendance. <br>The subjects debated yesterday were "Laws National and International" and "Status of Gay Women." <br>At the end of yesterday’s session several delegates expressed concern at the lack of interest being shown in the congress by certain sections of the media, and it was decided to arrange some form of demonstration.

Gay Rights plea on Job prejudice, Scotsman 1974, 21 Dec, ?; 1 col 15 cm, with photo of last night demonstration. \[caption to photo c. 30x15 cm.\] Some of the delegates to the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh last night demonstrated outside “The Scotsman” offices in North Bridge, when they handed in a resolution complaining of the coverage given to their movement by the media, and calling for Gay issues in Scotland to be fully reported and discussed in future. Similar action was taken at the BBC studios in Queen Street.

Gay Rights Congress endorse open letter to churches, Scotsman 1974, 23 December; 3 columns 15cm. On the final day of the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh yesterday, delegates endorsed an open letter to Christian Church leaders throughout the world, exhorting them to end discrimination and oppression against homosexuals. Proposing the letter, drawn up by a religious and homosexuality workshop …​ The letter, written by ordained and lay members of various Christian communities who admit to being practicing homosexuals …​ The congress by a narrow majority, also passed a resolution, prepared mainly by the Gay Marxist Group, urging delegates to become involved in working-class movements in their own nations as the “only practical means of eliminating through a socialist revolution and, at the same time, change the exist attitudes often found in these movements.” This, the first International Gay Rights Congress, held in Edinburgh University’s Teviot House, attracted more than 350 delegates from many parts of the world.

Pupil (15) says school suspended him, Scotsman 1974, 23 Dec; 2 cols 10 cm. Just below above article. Some of the problems of being a “gay” pupil in a modern comprehensive school were related to the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh at the weekend by Stuart Hunt, of the National Union of School Students, who will be 16 on Boxing Day. Stuart of Hounslow, Middlesex, …​ made no secret of the fact that he was homosexual. As a result, he claimed, he was suspended for a total of ten months. He was told by the local education authority that he had not been expelled, but was on long-term sick leave.

Minorities group call for equal rights by David King, Scotsman 1975, 15 Dec ; 2 cols <br>On campaign for reform of Criminal Law Amendment Act, to allow homosexuality in Scotland same rights as in England. Age of consent from 21 to 16yrs. \[In GD467/6/3\] |

Taylor condemns spending on \[SMG gay\] club, Scotsman 1977, 29 Aug, p5 <br>Mr. Teddy Taylor, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, has criticised Government expenditure on a "spanking new club for homosexuals in Glasgow" while police overtime and home help services are being cut. <br>Speaking to young Conservatives in Ayr at the weekend …​ " I am personally convicted that capital punishment and corporal punishment would save lives and reduce vandalism."

Candidate resigns after conviction, Scotsman 1977, 30 Aug, p1 Councilor resigned yesterday as prospective Labour candidate for Dundee West after he was fined£100 at Dundee Sheriff Court for gross indecency. …​asked to resign immediately …​ as Labour member of Tayside Regional Council. A social worker was appeared and was convicted at the same time. He offered his resignation which will take effect tomorrow. He remains suspended until then. .l..

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