Gay News Issue 96 June 3-16, 1976.
Cabinet Minister says Yes[p1]
[photo] Ian Dunn shows the brass plaque that caused all the problems.
SMG has won permission to fix brass plate to centre/national office in Edinburgh, but only after consideration of the 8"x11" plate by the Secretary of State for Scotland.
The Edinburgh District Council refused a planning application to display it in August [1976] saying "there was a strong body of local public opinion against SMG's activities and their 'brass plate advertisment.'"
Don't sit back—MP warns Scottish gays [p3 c1]
Edinburgh Labour MP, Robin Cook, a Vice-President of SMG told groups executive committee that it had "missed the boat as far as the all-UK Homosexual Law Reform Bill was concerned."
- with some measure of devolution expected Westminster would be very reluctant to pass any major legislation of this sort for Scotland. He advised not to wait for Scottish Assembly, expected by autumn of 1977.
SMG has also been taking an interest in N Ireland where homosexuality is still totally illegal. Scottish Lord Advocate said that. although homosexuality was illegal in Scotland, there would only be prosecutions in cases that would be illegal under the relaxed English laws of 1967.
Spreading Its Wings [p6]: Gay Outdoor Club(Nationwide) is spreading its wings. ... the organisation now has two new sections ... and a Scottish Group is planned.
Student Troubles [p6]from Ian Dunn
Students at Aberdeen University appear determined to close down the university gaysoc. Posters regularly torn down, spiteful phone call to the organisers and abuse. Jean Polson (secretary of gaysoc) said that there were only 20 members - gay students frightened of abuse - forced to hold meetings virtually in private so they won't be disrupted by students. To provide more relaxed social meeting place late night discos are organised off-campus in the city. Aberdeen branch of SMG says that campaign is similar to that against gaysoc at Stevenson College, Edinburgh, two years ago.
Glasgow Gay Guide
Pubs: Waterloo Bar, Argyle St
Duke of Wellington, 316 Argyle St
Strand bar, 183 Hope St, Downstairs Bar
Vintners, Clyde St.
Classic, Renfield St,
SMG: 12 Renfield St
SMG Glasgow Women's Group meets 1st & 3rd Thurs 8pm at 12 Renfield St
Scottish Lesbian Feminists meet alternate Wed. Ring Mary Hemming
Glasgow Students Gaysoc, SMG (Glasgow Students), National Office
Uni of Strathclyde Gaysoc, Iain Miller, c/o Students Union or ring Graham Martin
Glasgow University Gaysoc, Paul Brownsey
Metropolitan Community Church Glasgow, Write Allan R Hunter,
Gay Christians in Scotland, Louden Connoily
MSC-Scotland, The Secretary, c/o SMG National Office
NUPE Gay Group, c/o John West,
Scottish Gay Conservative group, Louden Connoily
Glasgow Gay Advisory Service, 12 Renfield St, G2 9AL, 7-9pm except Tues.