GD467/5/9 1974 Jul 9-sep 23 International Gay Congress organisers correspondence. Ox-file 4cm thick full.

Contains: invoices,
c. 12 A4 felt tip pen cartoons,
original plan for badge? for (International Gay Rights Congress 1974 (IGRC),
copy of “'THE SENTINAL' The Journal of 'CENTRE' Vol 1, no 21 Dec 1974, London (set up to assist homosexual men and women
Programme booklet for IGRC interleaved with xmas cards, a few letters & misc pieces,

Gay News article ? Date
Sparkling programme for Congress
EDINBURGH: The latest report from the organisers of the International Gay Rights Congress makes very heartening reading
By November 22, 150 from 17 different countries had registered, ...[picture of ]Congress co-organisers Derek Ogg and Ian Dunn, [picture of] Robin Cook, MP