GD467/1/1: Records of Outright Scotland

First meetings of Scottish Minorities Group (SMG) 7 Feb. 1969

[Original is a carbon copy of typed letterD467/1/1/1.]

Prestwick: 8 February 1969


The Meeting was held in Glasgow 7-10pm on Friday 7 Feb. 1969 in Ian Dunn's parents' house]. Five were present: Ian Dunn, Jim Halcrowe, Ted MacDonald, Bert Henry, Donald Brooks.

It was hoped that agreement could be reached on the formation of a committee, what it should do, and its title. For various reasons no firm agreement was reached. Being virtual strangers, much time was taken up reading assembled correspondence, and exchanging personal experiences. It was all too easy to wander - conversationally - down interesting side roads!

We keenly felt the lack of someone with experience at the meeting. At future meetings we hope to have Colin Harvey, the former NW-HLRC Chairman, and someone with a legal background present. As we expand and make contacts, we hope that this will be a diminishing problem. Much discussion centred round the idea of giving any committee we set up a Charitable Status. Jim Halcrowe will "explore" this. About a dozen titles  were proposed. It was decided to exclude reference to "Law Reform" for this will only be a first aim - support (from other Scots we hope) must be on a continuing basis. The word "Homophile" was rejected. We were unable to decide upon "welfare" or "counseling", "association" "society" or "committee". Donald Brooks wanted some association with the Albany Trust. The pros and cons of this were discussed. Ian Dunn agreed to ask Anthony Grey for reaction/support when next in London.


(i) Next Meeting THURSDAY 6 MARCH 1969 (possibly same place - this is another problem to resolve!)
(ii) J.H. and D. B. contact as many others as they reasonable think will contribute to the work,
(iii) I.Q. see Anthony Grey in London on Friday 14 February.

As we didn't appoint office bearers, I decided to distribute this as "the man holding the fort". I have also enclosed a copy of a letter recently received from the President of the Mattachine Society of Washington D.C. Purely for info to show the different mode of approach in the U.S.A. Was read out at the meeting.

Kind regards,

[manuscript note] File copy (There were 5 copies of minute issued)

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