GD467/1/1: Records of Outright Scotland "Ian Dunn Archive" 1969
in National Archives of Scotland

Letter Ian Dunn to Ean Simpson, 23 Feb 1969,
7 Hillside Cresc, Prestwick.

... writing following meeting between Antony Gray, Mrs Cordell & myself in London on Fri 14 Feb [1969].
.... [which] arose from earlier meeting with friends concerning the position of the homosexual in Scotland. We had been put in touch through the Esquire Clubs via former Chairman Colin Harvey. We are also Albany Trust supporters.

Antony Gray gave address in (leave off the 'Rev' for cases) & that of Mrs Raby. He regrets that he has not read Ean Simpson's article in "Life and Work" last summer, nor the subsequent correspondence.

"We have arranged to meet once more in my parents house in Glasgow (yes, they know why) on THursday March 8th [1969]. I hope we will agree to work within Albany Trust freamework. We dont want to become like those irresponsible groups referred to in the "New Society" issue of August 29 1968." Toney Trey wishes to visit Scotland this spring & hopes that Moral Welfare Committee [of CoS] will come to some decisionsk & invite the Trust up to Edinburgh for discussion. ...

Yours sincerely,[Ian Dunn]

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 27 Feb 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

"Many thanks for your welcomd epistle." ... liked the tone of letter - pleased to know that things are beginning to move in Scotland -social acceptance in S nill - dust of centuries beginning to stir with hefty lobbying - CoS condeded last year that homosexuals should be allowed the right to be homosexuals: over age of consent & expressed sexual desires in private.

He had been counselling homosexuals in West of Scotland: approach simple: simple, as far as male goes, if he is a homosexual which a long conversation will elicit, then he urged him to be the best sort (discriminating, but wholehearted in his homosexuality). If he is not really a homosexual ie a heterosexual by birth and has been denied this expression & used homosexual outlets, he persuades him of this.

Would like to meet Ian Dunn's group.

He has just been nominated chair of Presbetery Committee of Moral Welfare & with that  a seat on National Committee - he has vested interest in Antony Gray coming to Scotland as guest of this committee. ID could supply useful data to back up his case.

Yours aye, Euan (Rev.) Ean M Simpson.

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 8 Mar 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

..."may I say that I found Thursday's meeting most heartening and encouraging. It is good that there is a responsible group actually getting down to doing something. And I am glad to be associated with it!

He was doing 70mph down side of Loch Fyne when he remembered that he had not asked Colin Harvey for his address. He wished all reliabe information about Esquire Clubs & Colin is the man to provide. He would like to be considered as a member of the group and would be pleased to help in any practical way. He has an elecric Gestetner Duplicator - "ultra-modern" - will run off any circulars.

Yours aye, Ean

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 12 Mar 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

Horror stricken over misunderstanding re the Duplicator - stencils would have to be cut by you and sent for duplication - time fullly occupied without extra typing ... Yours aye, Euan.

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 20 Mar 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

"Sorry for delay - unavoidable - but at least you can tell your father that I did not find your [Ian Dunn typed them] pressure on the keys too heavy since (as you can see for yourself) the final result seems quite legible!

Tells ICD not to be too alarmed by Antony Gray's expressions of alarm & despondency. He will have a private word with Colin Harvey and will speak to Mrs. Raby.

He had read over the Esquire litterature from Alan Horsfall & was not convinced of the efficiency of the organisation. Suspects they did not lay groundwork plans carefully. Suggests avoiding this trap, getting max coordination & support from powerful bodies. Will see ICD on 2 April  Yours aye, Eun.

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 27 Feb 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

Suggest foolscap paper as his donation to Group subscription.

Suggests Ian keeps a wary eye on dictionary - spelling liaison/liason, won't/wont,

First key letter being sent out. He does not object to it going to AT/Esquire/MRT/"Washington Mattachine". Curious to know why he wants to keep up connections with suspect Esquire crowd. [What does this mean?]. He has no personal objection to the word "club" but the CoS will refuse all recognition if they as much as have the suspicion of Club connotations. "Oh I'll remain a member alright - but I'll be amember with no backing from an official body!

Suggests keeping minutes as objective as possible - few personal observations  better.

He told Antony Gray that he objected to his frail excuse for not travelling N of border.  Seemed to think that he epected Kirk to pay his fare.

Letter to Ian Dunn to Ean Simpson 12 Apr 1969. 7 Hillside Cresc, Prestwick.

Feeling a lot happier - looking forward to next month's meeting in Andrew Melville House.

Has replied to New Society article. Main points. "An informal circle of individuals, not seeking solely to satisfy its own pleasures, is I am certain, an answer for most urban areas. In Scotland there is already such a group which has had successful meetings and lively discussions. This group does not meet under a homosexual label, which is obviously right in the different Scottish situation." He adds that he expressed his surprise about how easy good contact was with organisations offering help to people in distress. "This is a two way process and meeting withing a group modifies and clarifies one's own approach to the many difficulties of the homosexual."

Frank Kameny (Washington) [Mattichine?] asks why Manchester Club failed: lack of patronage & customers, if so how was it manifest?

Jim , our friend in Edinburgh conducting himself with distinction.. Bob Thomson, Secy Scottish Council for Civil Liberties hopes to come to next meeting if NCCL conference in LOndon does not stop him. Andrew Davenport is a hostel/community worker metioned by Jim in his last  letter.Andy has interview with Colin Harvey for Jordanhill [training?]. He is well educated in the matter of male sex problems: would somoeone of his general type be suitable for 'our' purposes. If not accepted he will likely join girl friend in London.

Tell s of an under 21 - outside any reform - who was beaten up in a Kilmarnock toilet and who wrote to ICD about his experience.


Encloses 7 copies of 2 sheet report on 3rd meeting - copies sent to Jim H, Donald B, Robert S, Bert H &

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 15 Apr 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

"... brief ... because I am on my way to Edinburgh to join battle with two clerics in high places who are too fond of using that weapon so beloved of a certain Biblical character - and still used by politicians and generals - the jawbone of an ass!"

Answers 2 qus put tu ICD:

1. Spoke to A[ntony] G[ray] - given unbiased report on feeling of polarisation between clubs and reform. Asks Albany Trust to show deeds not words and Antony Gray says that it is up to CoS, Douglas Allan & EJS to make sure Trust gets a chance of acting in Scotland. Hence his trip to Edinburgh gunning for 2 medievally minded committeemen in danger of upsetting things.

2. Re Brother Kameny's request [what is this?]. Answer in Esquire report (enclosed).

Sadness on hearing of Kilmarnock lad caught "'cottage' cruising.


Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 1 May 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

Encloses 7 copies of 2 sheet report on 3rd meeting - copies sent to Jim H, Donald B, Robert S, Bert H & Colin Harvey.

Here for summer but taking wife off to Lakes for a long overdue holiday .

Letter Ean Simpson to Ian Dunn 13 Jun 1969. The Manse, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.

Albany Trust in direct contact with Social & Moral Welfare Committee of CoS. Antony Gray to meet with them regarding CoS & Albany Trust joinly sponsored meetings in Edinburgh, & possibly Glasgow, Aberdeen & Dundee.

Hard to know if National Committee will back this.

Thanks ICD for taking his pedantic crits so good humouredly. - his ill-spent whicky-soaked days as an advertising copywriter - make 5 words do work of 50  - congreation benefit, he keeps sermons and talk brief and pointed.

"As I read the other day - "to err is human - and isn't it divine?"  Yours aye, Euan.

[ICD MS note] Betty Jones & Tom Scott have responded to SMG letter.


Letter Ian Dunn to Ean Simpson: 26 Jun 1969. 7 Hillside Cresc, Prestwick.

"Ouch! Well... now I know what it's like to be misunderstood."  Goes through letter of 24 June 1969 point by point. Thanks him for duplicating inter-Group report [what is this?].

With his report included "Secretary's Statement". CSV not Mr Hamilton's, but "our Edinburgh member's" as is other Edinburgh information.

ICD shocked that EJS thinks SMG members have been placed on a Mailing List. "You" in FK's last letter refers to collectively AT, NW-HLRC, MRT & SMG. "My goodness!" He has never divulged an address to anyone and will never.

FK's suggestions not for public opinion but appeared as report to meeting of 16 July 1969.

EJS links word extremeist by implication when discussing Law Reform with SMG. Not too diespoent as some Tories hold Socialists to be extreme and v.v.

"Can I put your resignation down in item (8) on the Agenda?" Ill pay him glowing tribute, and encourage sending of criticism of SMG's activities. He suggests that EJS thinks that an upstart SMG is trampling all over his work for law reform, which Ian points on it is not.

Letter Phillip J[ name given] to Ian Dunn: 2 Apr 1969. Address given.

Thanks for support over incident at toilet [in Kilmarnock] and other support.

Letter Ian Dunn to Jim: 3 Jun 1969. 7 Hillside Cresc, Prestwick

... Suggests Rev Edmund S P Jones might have been one of Aberdeen correspndents to The Scotsman in 1967. He refers to letter:

Letter Rev Edmund S P Jones, PhD to Ian Dunn: 17 May 1969: Queen's Cross Church, Albyn Pl, Aberdeen, AB1 1UN.

"Dear Ian,"

Thanking for info re SMG. Couldn't claim to be a member of group. Feelings heterosexual soo to get married. Notwithstanding assures his support.

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