GD467/1/1: Records of Outright Scotland "Ian Dunn Archive" 1969
in National Archives of Scotland

Letter T Colin Harvey, Chair, SMG to Professionals regarding Needs of Homosexuals: 13 June 1969,

Letter from T Colin Harvey, SMG Chair, to professionals who deal with homosexuals in difficultly: Jun 1969. Copied.

... writing to you as someone concerned in a professional capacity with homosexuals in difficultly.  ... SMG has been formed to consider the posision of the homosexual in Scotland.   First task to discover what are the needs, social & otherwise, of homosexuals. In course of work you will have formed views on this ... let me know in what way a group like ours  can contribute to meeting them.

SMG consists of 15 people, most but not all homosexual men and women. Come togethere due to changing climate and "partly because of the association of several of our members with the Albany Trust, with Esquire Clubs, and with the Monorities Research Trust [first mention of this: what is it?]. The bodies are principally active south of the Border only."

Group, form own experience, conscious of social isolation. Some specialist counselling available in larger cities, group would like to know if the social needs of homosexuals are being met, and precisely what these needs are.

"The group is willing to organise itself to meet these needs, but we should value the opinion of persons like yourself before taking any action. The Group includes a Lecturer in Social Work (myself), a Minister of the Church of Scotland, a Glasgow solicitor, two teachers and an estate agent and several Civil Servants. From within our resources we anticipate that we could get sufficiently organised to unertake education, liaison with other bodies with similar aims, to press for Law Reform, and perhaps some sort of supportive work for the homosexual in difficulty. But we are particularly anxious to learn what other people see to be the needs in this field.

Yours sincerely  (T Colin Harvey)"

Letter Prof W Malcolm Millar Prof Mental Health, University of Aberdeen to C Harvey: 17 June 1969

Interesting letter, poses questions he finds difficult to answer. He does not see representative sample of hss, intensive psychotherapehutic approach meets with limited success. Few patients have really expressed any with for a change in theire [sexual] attitudes. They have sought help for cirumscribed problems like depression, panic states, alcoholic addiction etc.

One group - students who fear they are homosexual but are in fact heterosexual - experience satisfactory results on whole, at least possible for them to overcome their fears.

Usual referral is from Courts or breakdown of a a serial love affair with possible suicide. Normal problems of homosexual, including social isolation seldom come the way of psychiatrists.

So, he feels ignorant of depth & range of problems. He would welcome more enlightenment. Suggests establish the facts of everyday life foe homosexuals to give a baseline to people like himself.

Wishes to consult with colleagues on the matter,  if this is in order.

Letter Colin Harvey to Prog Millar: 27 Jun 1989

Interesting reply, as with others.  Expects more homosexuals who are open about status and accept it as normal to be in group in future. Would like to circulate replies to his letter amongst pwople.

Letter Rev Tom Scott, University Chaplain, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh: 17 June 1969

What is social isolation? Is it caused by unwillingness of society to accept hss, or is it the natural grouping of hss who come together because they want to be together?

Do some hss want to be cured in order to be socially accptable, or do most want to be acepted as they are.

How is sex education in schools designed to cover knowledge & understanding of homosexuality?

Letter City of Glasgow Society of Social Services: 17 June 1969

Mrs Raby in hospital having a baby girl at moment. She will contact on return.

Letter Social Work Services Group: 17 Jun 1969
Will circultate amongst Advisors to see if they have experience that could usefully be communicated to you.

Letter Royal Edinburgh Hospital: 18 June 1969

Mr Hunter in America until September, he will be in touch then.

Letter James Wilson, Lawyer? & Chair of steering committee set up to fork the Scottish Council for Civil Liberties: 18 Jun 1969
Letter Prof G M Carstairs, Dept of Psychiatry, Edinburgh University: 18 June 1969
Letter G C Timbury, Consultant Psychiatrist, Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow: 20 Jun 1969
Letter Douglas A Allan, Secy, Moral Welfare Committee, Church of Scotland, Edinburgh: 23 Jun 1969
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