Letter describing Gay Club Premises at 534 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow in 1979

18 October, 1979  [in NAS GD467/3/2/6 bold letters not in original]
from Kirkwood & Partners, surveyors to SHRG, c/o Mr James Shearer, 534 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow.

 Extract from letter:

The property is located in Charing Cross mansions at Charing Cross itself, in a predominantly commercial area. ... located at first floor level in the centre of a terrace of three properties in a back court. ... single storey stone construction with a pitched slate roof.

Laid out internally as follows:

There is a small entrance hall, with a reception desk at the front door. To the rear of the reception is a small private office, adjoining which is a kitchen area. The kitchen has a double stainless steel sink unit with washhand basis, and is open to the coffee bar area, with counter sales.

Also off the entrance hall are the toilets. The gents toilet has one urinal, one low level flush WC, and one washhand basin. The ladies has one low level flush WS and one washhand basin.

The entrance hall leads into the main club/lounge, with full width picture windows.

Heating is by way of a gas fired warm air boiler concealed in the hall. There are ducts in the hall, lounge, and coffee bar.

Valuation: £17,000, open market value. 

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